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One of the FBI's top priorities is Human Trafficking. This is especially pertinent to the Southeast, where we are told that almost 40% of all human trafficking hubs are located. Our proximity to major highways and major hubs means that a substantial amount of related activity occurs in our area. The FBI, along with other law enforcement entities, seek to investigate and eliminate those perpetrating crimes involving trafficking, but law enforcement is limited in the services it can provide to the victims. This, the rehabilitation and restoration of the victims of sex trafficking is the role of The Wellhouse.

On its acreage near Birmingham, The Wellhouse operates THE ONLY center in the Southeastern US that offers immediate 24-hour shelter and housing to women who are victims of the sex trade. The center maintains a 24-hour hotline with pickup service available for those in immediate danger, on-site housing for (presently) up to 21 women, food, clothing, medical and mental health services, and more. Counseling and education is provided to the residents by professional staff and trained volunteers (stay tuned for more about this). Most women are expected to remain at The Wellhouse for 9-12 months, in order to complete their program of rehabilitation and restoration. Eventually, most will depart to become independent, supporting themselves with a job and a new home. Others elect to join the military, while some choose to pursue furthering their education. On a personal note, I can say that I have visited the facility and have spent, and continue to spend, time with the staff, and I can attest to the professionalism, the concern, and the compassion that permeates all that transpires there. It is a remarkable place.

We in the FBICAAA have a unique opportunity to provide assistance to The Wellhouse. The women in the program typically remain at the facility for 9-12 months. They have a pressing need for many forms of help and support that we can provide – from leading exercise classes, to gardening alongside the residents, to leading discussion groups (Bible study is popular), to job skills training (such as conducting mock interviews and providing feedback) to...you name it. Take note: we are not soliciting donations of money (though they certainly accept them), but donations of personal time – and of knowledge, of skills, of abilities that you possess and can share with those in their time of need.

Please contact us if you would like to be a part of this committee.


TJ Knight


Damita Hill


                                 Julia Myers

            The FBI Birmingham Citizens Academy Alumni Association (FBIBCAAA) is a nonprofit organization separate and apart from the FBI.

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