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15 Sep 2011 10:52 PM | Anonymous
Don Lupo
Dear Fellow Alumni,

9/11 has come and gone without incident. Ten years have passed without an attack on our homeland. Both of those statements are true and there are reasons that we can say that. One of the reasons is groups like the FBICAAA. We have adopted the words: momentum, commitment, strength, opportunity, leadership and service; in our journey to “making our Nation Safer Together.”  Every time we identify ourselves as FBICAAA members we are taking on the role of siding with the good guys and standing against forces of evil. Every time we see something that looks suspicious and report it to the proper authorities we do a job that needs to be done. We as Americans don’t ever want another attack on our homeland; however, there are groups that intend on doing just that. So, to prevent those attacks, we adopt those words and our mission statement and we stand together with the FBI in defense of our nation.

The new Birmingham Fall Class is in session. I had the honor of addressing them the first night. They are a great group of folks that are going to add a lot to the FBICAAA.

There are new dates on the calendar for events that we encourage you to take advantage of. Some of these events are for members only. The Membership Committee has done an outstanding job under Andrew Smith’s leadership. This year promises to be our best year ever for dues paying membership. Take a look at the calendar and see all the events that are still left for 2011 and make sure you pay your dues so you can take full advantage of every opportunity.

Your Executive Board met recently and will bring some items forward to the full board that I think are going to make us an even stronger FBICAAA. It is my pleasure and honor to be the President but all the credit goes to the full Board and our members for all that we have done so far this year.

Sincerely and Thank you,
Don Lupo

            The FBI Birmingham Citizens Academy Alumni Association (FBIBCAAA) is a nonprofit organization separate and apart from the FBI.

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