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A Message from the President May 2020

01 May 2020 7:02 AM | Christopher Huys (Administrator)

Greetings. I hope that this issue of our newsletter finds you safe and well. As I was considering the phraseology in which to couch our chapter’s status for this month’s column, I happened to recall an episode of the M*A*S*H* TV series – one that took place back when it was still attempting to be funny. In this particular episode, Major Frank Burns, the perennial party-pooper they called “old Ferret Face,” was sent out on a scouting patrol. When he returned from his uneventful mission, they asked what he had found and he responded; “Sighted nothing; reporting same.”

Well, it’s a little bit like that. No public action. Everything on hold. But on the other hand, that isn’t exactly the case, either. It’s more like when you see a duck gliding along the surface of a lake: above the waterline it’s all grace and seemingly-effortless progress; but below, those feet are pumping like mad. So we’re a bit like that. Or to be absolutely truthful, we’re somewhere in-between.

Although we are still under orders that prohibit us conducting any significant public activities (CA class, BMAP training, members meetings…all postponed indefinitely), our board met for a highly-productive and well-attended Zoom conference in April and we’ll do so again in May. We’ve been taking care of administrative and other action items that needed attending to, and we’ve knocked a lot of action items out. And when we meet in May, we will begin making plans for those projects and activities that may be resumed, when it is once again safe and permissable to do so. And by the way, if your 2020 dues are still payable, you’ll soon be notified of a special rate available to give consideration for our lost time and limited activities in response to the COVID-19 restrictions.

So we wait. And if and when restrictions on public gatherings are eased, watch this space for news of upcoming activities. Our chapter stands ready and able to meet the challenges ahead of us to educate and inform the public and support and further the mission of the FBI. But until that time comes, please do us all a great favor and heed good scientific and medical advice, and keep yourself and your loved ones safe and healthy.

Stay strong!

Paul H. Franklin, President

FBI Birmingham CAAA

            The FBI Birmingham Citizens Academy Alumni Association (FBIBCAAA) is a nonprofit organization separate and apart from the FBI.

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